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There are many different types of leather but the most popular ones are PU/PVC, Bolded, Microfibre, 2nd Grain, Top Grain, and Italian Leather.

PU/PVC should be avoided at all times as it is not very durable. You can tear the leather with your bare hands and image what it will look like after a few months of wear and tear.

Bolded leather is synthetic leather with maybe 5-10% real leather. Genuine leather bites are grind and then glued  to a peace of polyurethane. This is popular among consumers who are looking for the leather look but doesn't want to pay the price of a genuine leather sofa. Prices are about half of that of leather match sofas.  

Microfibre Leather is also man made but a lot more durable than other types of man made leather. It is about 40% thicker than other types of man made leather. This type of material usually lasts 8-10 years without deforming or cracking.

2nd grain leather is genuine leather but the second layer of the skin which doesn't last as long as top grain nor does it feel as good.

Top grain leather is the top layer of the skin and is the most popular among genuine leathers. It usually lasts more than a decade. The disadvantage of genuine leather is that care is required to keep the leather soft. If you don't apply protection on the leather every so often it will dry up and crack.

Italian leather is the most expensive leather of its kind, it is still cow hide and it may even come from the same cow as top/2nd grain leather, it is just treated differently in Italy. These leather are usually very thick about 20-30% thicker than genuine leather. As for durability  it may last a few years longer than genuine leather but cost two or three times as much.

Usually sofas with genuine leather is leather match meaning wherever you sit and can touch will be genuine leather, the side and back is a synthetic leather. Full leather is available but may cost 60-80% more than the listing price. So be aware when you go into furniture stores and they say its genuine leather but it really is just leather match. You can usually tell what type of leather it is by the price. Under $1500 is always PU or Bonded leather. If you are still in doubt, take a tooth pick or something sharp and poke the leather. If it goes through with ease, it is Bonded or PU/PVC. STAY AWAY FROM THOSE!
We carry two different types of crystals K9 chinese crystal and Egyptian Asfour crystal.

K9 crystals are made in China, although they sparkle the same and uses just as much lead oxide as any other top crystal manufacturers out there (30% PBo), there is still a huge difference. First difference you will notice is the huge price difference, it is about one fifth of the price of Asfour crystals. The other difference is that over time, usually one to two years the crystals will turn into a mirky yellow color. Another difference is that the cut is very different and imbalance, especially the drill hole on the top, you can see that the hole isn't clear and smooth.

Asfour crystals are made in Egypt and is the most popular crystal brand in the world mainly because of the price and quality. The cut is very clean and the crystal quality is very high, can be comparable to Swarovski Crystals. These crystals last forever and will keep its clearness through its life span, which ends when you break it.

You can tell the types of crystals by the price, but if you're still skeptical then look at the drill hole closely . If it's clear and smooth then it is Asfour Crystal or some other type other than K9. Be aware when stores tell you the crystals are Swarovski but sells it at Asfour pricing, look at each crystal, it should have the Swarovski logo embedded in it.